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Our Story

UTE and Truck Rentals Gladesville has been in the business for 10 long years now. We strive to become the best Ute and Truck Rentals service provider in the country. We operate in Gladesville and 12 other locations in Sydney currently.

Our vision is to provide the highest quality UTEs and trucks for a reliable, easy and efficient move.

A Brief History about the Company

We started Ute and Truck Rentals in Gladesville because we can personally relate to the tedious task of moving your household or an office from one place to another.
Ute and Truck Rentals Gladesville can help anyone in town looking for a vehicle to move the stuff from one place to another. We have the highest quality of UTEs and trucks available at our compound in Gladesville.

You can hire any of our vehicles that fit your specific task. Our flexible vehicle hiring offers are designed to fit every customer’s needs. Our vehicles are all equipped with power steering and automatic transmission. All Utes and trucks can be driven with a standard car license.

U&T Main office
Vehicles available for hire are up-kept by trained staff maintaining each vehicle carefully. Our modern vehicles are also thoroughly inspected before every hire. Our expert and pleasant staff can help you with any information that you require.

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What Makes Us Better?


We offer UTEs with a capacity of 1 tonne. These are ideal for moving small furniture. But our trucks have a capacity of 3 tonnes! They also come with hydraulic lifter and tail lifter. These can help you move a fairly sized house or a small office.

One stop solution

We are partners with National Storage. That means we can provide you a safe storage space for your stuff. They also provide boxes, packing materials and other accessories all shapes and sizes.

Clean, well maintained Utes & Trucks

All our Utes & Trucks are mechanically and physically in excellent shape. Cleanliness of all vehicles is specially taken care of. With automatic transmission, air conditioning and power steering, you get a comfortable driving experience. You don’t need anything other than a standard license to drive our UTEs and trucks.
Tips: While driving, remember to stay focused on the road, wear your seat belt and abide all the laws of the road.
We have made much progress and have helped many customers move their offices and households with fair ease. Some regular customers also rent UTEs to move garden waste.

If you want to rent a Ute or Truck in Gladesville, Call us at 02 8039 6196