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Organizing your move

Whether you’re looking to shift to a new house or a new office, a good vehicle to move your belongings from once place to another is the most important need of this process.
BUT, in no way does it mean that a good vehicle is the only constituent of a good move. An efficient, organized and easy move also requires some planning, moving boxes, packing materials and other accessories.
Here are a few tips for a move that might come in handy before you actually make the move

Schedule your Move

Whether it’s a household or a new office space you are shifting, make sure you’ve packed everything before the day of the actual move, except some last-minute necessities.
Make sure you have scheduled to disconnect all your utilities on the day of the move and also cancel any newspaper and cable subscriptions.
Making preparations to move will save you time and money on the day when you carry out the move.

Pack stuff smartly

When it comes to packing stuff, many people just throw their stuff in large boxes and load them up into a vehicle. Not only is this inefficient but it may also damage your belongings.
When packing stuff, make sure you pack everything according to its condition/state. Fragile materials should be packed separately with packing material or clothes as padding between them. This helps to avoid breaking stuff.
Plates should be stacked like records for more safety, with padding between the plates. Try to cover all liquids with cling wrap on their mouth before you put the lid on to avoid leaks.
The heavier stuff should go always go at the bottom of the boxes with lighter stuff on top.
You can also label boxes according to the stuff inside it as well as the name of the room, which it will go to. This comes in handy while unpacking.
Try to count all your belongings (number of boxes) and check before you leave for anything left behind.

Loading and Unloading

Once you’ve packed things up and hired a vehicle from the professionals at UTE and Truck Rentals Gladesville, it’s time to load up.
Start by putting the heavier boxes towards the front of the truck or the UTE. This is to ensure that the vehicle maintains its balance. Put the lighter and more necessary items near the rear of the loading section. Lighter boxes will be out of the way quicker and easier while unloading, too.
Make sure you have estimated the size of your furniture before you hire a vehicle so you don’t have problems fitting it in at the time of loading.
Call a couple of friends over to help you load and unload. This will make the move exponentially faster. After you unload and return the vehicle, maybe treat your friends to a dinner or lunch at your new home?
UTE and Truck Rentals Gladesville, are official partners with National Storage. This means we can provide you with almost anything related to moving. Boxes, packing material, furniture covers, storage space, tapes, wraps, scissors – you name it.

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