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Returning Utes & Trucks

When renting a vehicle from UTE & Truck Rental Gladesville, you are required to return the vehicle to us in the same condition within the agreed timeframe.
Convenience! We have 13 different pickup points across Sydney where the vehicle can be returned.
We expect that the UTE or Truck will be returned to us in good condition so that we can prepare it for our next customer. UTE & Truck Rental Gladesville is always striving towards providing clean vehicles maintained to the highest standards. We recommend our clients to go through our Terms & Conditions before returning the vehicle to avoid any hassle.


Keep the rented Utes or Trucks clean and make sure to drive safely. The rented vehicle is to be returned to us in the condition that it was given in.
Our clients are thus recommended to go through our Safe Driving Tips before driving the vehicle.


  • You must always remember the amount of fuel that was in the tank at the time of renting. Correctly refill the amount when you have to return the vehicle.
  • Keep in mind the fuel types for our vehicles when filling them. Our Toyota Hilux Utes should be filled with petrol and our Isuzu Pantec Trucks should be filled with diesel.
  • According to our Terms & Conditions, if any vehicle is returned with less fuel, the difference will be charged at a rate which might include a service charge unless arrangements are made beforehand.

Tolls & Infringements

Keep in mind that you will be responsible for paying for any tolls and infringements that are incurred during your rental period. An administration charge of $10 will be charged if any tolls are left unpaid.
If UTE & Truck Rental Gladesville receives any infringements, they will be referred to you for payment. You should avoid parking illegally, driving over the speed limit or any other such activity.


  • When you hire a vehicle on weekends (Friday, Saturday or Sunday), there is a minimum all day hire requirement.
  • On week days you can hire the vehicle overnight. The collection time for this will be between 4 PM to 4:30 PM and return time will be 7 AM the next day.
  • When you collect the vehicle, please inform our team whether you’re hiring it for 2, 3 or 4 hours or over the night.
  • Please return the vehicle to us within the decided timeframe in order to pay the effective rate.


Our bookings are all pre-paid so you will not be required pay anything at the return of the vehicle. If you have to pay for any tolls, you can do that via credit card payment.

No-Refund Policy

At UTE & Truck Rental Gladesville, we always try to provide our clients with clean and high-quality vehicles that meet their expectations. We always inform our clients beforehand that we have a no-refund policy under all circumstances including when you return the vehicle early.