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Safe Driving Tips

UTE & Truck Rental Gladesville works towards keeping our vehicles clean and well maintained. We thus expect our clients to keep the vehicles safe and return them in good condition too
Here are some Safe Driving Tips you can follow for a safe and sound ride:

Get to know your vehicle

You may not be used to driving a large vehicle, which is why the first thing you need to do before driving is to familiarize yourself with all the equipment, including brakes, horn, hazard lights and more. Check the fuel meter to know how much fuel is in the vehicle so that you can refill it later.

Be comfortable

It is essential for the driver to be comfortable when driving a UTE or Truck loaded with precious cargo. You should sit in the vehicle before getting on with the drive and adjust the driving seat according to your height.
Remember to wear your seatbelt and maintain a good posture throughout to avoid fatigue for the long day of loading/unloading ahead.

Drive slowly

It goes without saying that to be able to keep all your content safe from damage, you need to drive at a slow speed and be cautious at all times.
Driving a vehicle loaded with content can be tricky and speeding will only make the job harder. Driving fast can break fragile items and might even cause damage to the vehicle which is to be returned back in good condition.

Steering technique

Remember you are driving a 1-3 tonne vehicle, which could be tough. You should choose the steering technique that you are most comfortable with. When you’re approaching turns, slow down the vehicle and steer smoothly to ensure your safety and others on the road.

Be Mindful of Passenger Capacity

When booking a vehicle, find out the passenger capacity and keep it in mind when making arrangements. Our UTEs can seat 1 passenger whereas our trucks can seat 2 passengers.
Make sure all passengers are wearing seatbelts and do not let anyone ride at the back. If you need the help of more people, make separate transport arrangements for them beforehand.

Drive carefully in poor weather

Always check the weather forecast before travelling. However, if there is any sudden change of weather you must exercise caution. Keep the vehicle slow and drive carefully in case of rain, hail, fog or snow. Keep your headlights on and avoid slippery routes.

Follow the rules

It is important that you follow road rules while driving to ensure the safety of yourself, your content, and the vehicle. To avoid any tolls and infringements, drive within the speed limit, be mindful of traffic signals and park legally.

Always be polite to other drivers around you and make sure to go through our Terms and Conditions before driving.

Follow these tips and you’ll be good to go. To book a UTE or Truck, head to our Booking Form