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Truck Hire

Planning to rent a truck in Gladesville? Why not choose the best in the business? Call Ute & Truck Rentals Gladesville.
Offering services of the highest standards in 12 other locations, we are now operating in Gladesville.

Whether you need to move a small office or a 3 bedroom house, there can be a number of concerns and rental processes. Hiring movers can be expensive and a rather tiring business. Rental companies sometimes have very weird rules and the good ones are just plain unaffordable.
Meet the new era of Sydney rentals with UTE and Truck Rentals Gladesville. Instead of hiring an expensive removalist, why not rent a truck in Gladesville yourself and start moving? Worried that you won’t be able to drive such a big vehicle?

Our trucks are mechanically sound and ready to drive, and can be driven with a standard license. Read our driving tips and you’ll be ready to hit the road feeling like a pro!
While loading and unloading you may need some help of your friends, but remember, you will save a lot of money by hiring a truck and going all DIY!
UTE and Truck Rentals Gladesville introduces truck rental rates that are not only easy on the pocket but also of the best quality. Trucks in our fleet are Isuzu Pantec trucks that are up kept to the highest standards

Mon to Thu
Fri & Sun*
2 hours $49.50 + fuel + 33c/km (over 50km) N/A N/A
3 hours $71.50 + fuel + 33c/km (over 50km) N/A N/A
4 Hours $71.50 + fuel + 33c/km (over 75km) N/A N/A
Day $132.75 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km) $177.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km) $199.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km)
*Minimum All Day Hire
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Our Trucks

  • Seating Capacity:3
  • Engine:Diesel
  • Transmission:Automatic
  • Capacity:18m3 (All with hydraulic lifters)
  • Licence Required:Car or greater
  • Able to Carry:Contents of an average 2 bedroom unit.
  • Internal Measurements:4.5L x 2.0w x 2.0h
  • Extras:All Trucks are equipped with a tail lifter. Lifts up to 500kg

All trucks come with hydraulic lifters and have a capacity of 18M3. Trucks being offered are also equipped with tail lifters able to lift up to 500 kgs. Our trucks can carry contents of an average 2 to 3 bedroom unit in one round.

Plan your move, book a truck with UTE and Truck Rentals Gladesville and save a lot of money.
High levels of customer care ensure that all our customers return to us the next time they need to hire a truck.

So take your time, schedule your move and book a truck with us. Just decide your pickup time, pay what you were told with no hidden surcharges and enjoy an affordable, efficient and quality vehicle to move your stuff in.

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